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'Quaint and delicious': Rejected official Amherst slogans don't disappoint

Sure, Amherst officials picked a fine winning entry for its bicentennial slogan contest.

Jess Noltee, a junior at Sweet Home High School, came in first place with, "Amherst: Ambitious citizens, amazing community, ample opportunities."

But the town received 42 submissions, and the also-ran entries ranged from Zenlike to pop cultural references to the inscrutable.

Here, in no particular order, is our Top 10 list of rejected slogans. (Keep in mind this contest was aimed at schoolchildren, so many might be the product of a youthful imagination.)

10) Amherst, NY – Cottonwood trees and silver maple helicopter seeds
9) Dear old darling Amherst
8) Amherst – Quaint and delicious (What would the Big Blue water tower taste like?)
7) Keep on trucking
6) Hello Goodbye
5) Tomorrow is only yesterday today (Only during daylight saving time)
4) See Amherst, live Amherst, be Amherst (Our new daily affirmation)
3) Amherst, a vibrant community of which its citizens can be proud (So grammatically correct)
2) The “A” in Amherst is our grade and goal … we always aim to succeed (A-men)
1) Amherst – Grocery stores galore! (Submitted by Whole Foods?)

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