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Letter: There is enough evidence to worry about the nation

Listening to the pathetic and clueless responses from Republican Sens. Orrin Hatch and Chuck Grassley regarding Donald Trump’s recent flaunting of legal norms should make moderate Republicans uneasy.

This, coupled with many Trump supporter’s gutless, spineless and hypocritical defense of the most deceitful president in our history shines a spotlight on what has really been going on in Washington during this exhausting two years of lies and chaos; fraud!

Have you listened to what has been said by many respected Republican operatives and these two insiders, Donny Deutsch and Steve Schmidt: That “Donald Trump and his family have been running a corrupt and criminal organization - which has been in operation prior to the campaign, during the campaign and certainly during the two years of his presidency.”

Here is the evidence, they say: tax evasion and fraud prior to the campaign, obvious collusion with Russian operatives during the campaign which probably altered the outcome of the 2016 election, laundered Russian money supporting the Trump corporation and some of Jared Kushner’s properties, inauguration finance irregularities recently uncovered, the Trump Organization’s continued failure to follow the emoluments clause, Kushner’s close ties with Saudi Arabian financing involving, again, his highly leveraged properties – the list goes on and on – and from the Senate Majority Leader to the Speaker of the House, our “system of checks and balances” remains totally silent.

When “the chickens come home to roost,” as the saying goes, I submit that the silence of too many of our congressional representatives will come back to haunt them.

I hope the United States can survive this serious damage being done!

Larry Gustina


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