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Letter: Nursing home cost cannot be overstated

I read two articles in a recent Sunday newspaper, one by Froma Harrop and the other one by Michelle Singletary regarding elder care and the average cost of nursing homes is $100,000 per year.

Now I wish they would write follow-up articles showing the location of these $100,000 per year nursing homes.

My wife is in the Autumn View nursing home because of Alzheimer’s.

The last billing statement from Autumn View for the month of December bill is for $15,229.68. Multiply this by 12 and the cost is $182,756.16 per year. And this is the cheaper rate because my wife is under the category of “custodial care.” If she would be under the category of “skilled nursing care” the cost would be more.

I am looking forward to the follow-up articles.

Wally Koperski


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