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Letter: Karma takes the spotlight in the topsy-turvy Flynn case

Do you ever notice that karma is all around us?

A great example of that is Gen. Michael Flynn, who at Trump rallies led the lock her up cheer against Hillary Clinton who has never been convicted of anything.

He is now facing jail time by a Republican judge lauded by Fox News who stated and I quote, that he is disgusted by Flynn’s betrayal of the United States.

The Fox pundits were literally pounding the table that Flynn was set up by the FBI and the judge in court confirmed that Flynn is indeed a liar and wanted to know if he could have been tried as a traitor. Wow.

This same Republican judge also released the interviews that the FBI did with this guy. They show and you can read them that the FBI followed protocol, gave Flynn every opportunity to come clean and he continued to lie.

At this festive season, this is a shining hope to someone like me that our system works.

That a person who is maligned by a political party, Hillary Clinton will celebrate her holidays surrounded by family and friends and the lying Michael Flynn is broke and has to sell his house and will probably spend at least sometime behind bars where he condemned Mrs. Clinton without a trial.

Lock her up indeed. Excuse me, lock him up!

Teresa Lukasik


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