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Letter: It is unfair to deride millennials as selfish

A recent letter in The Buffalo News deriding younger people, presumably millennials, as being excessively selfish as compared to the writer’s own generation outraged me. As a retired educator with millennial children whose spouses and friends we associate with, I see no basis for such aspersions. If anything, I find younger people to be respectful and engaging, while many older people, meaning around my age, to be curmudgeonly and narrow-minded.

Pew Research and other surveys consistently find that younger people in their 20s and 30s are much less prejudiced toward minorities, immigrants, and LGBTQ people than older (65-plus) people. They are far less likely, too, to support our current president than their elders. These findings make me hopeful for the future.

Several college students share a rental property across the street from my house. They are unfailingly friendly and polite. I am glad to live in a neighborhood full of younger people, including many children, and would never want to reside in a strictly senior housing community.

Michael Silverman


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