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Letter: Football players should quit the touchdown histrionics

I’m the blasphemer who suggested the Bills tank the rest of the season. I read the letter from the reader who rebutted me and would like to respond. After listening to and reading the local sports reporters and watching the back-to-back losses to the Dolphins and Jets, I am convinced that I was…absolutely wrong. I wrote that letter under “extreme emotional duress” after our loss to Chicago.

But that’s not why I am writing.

Today I am being an old curmudgeon. I cannot stand those ridiculous over-the-top touchdown celebrations.

There must be a class between college and the first pro game on how to act like a (pick your own adjective and noun) after you score. Sure, the guy who gets six points for his team deserves to jump up into the stands or do some dancing around and some chest bumps. Gronk certainly has his own way of trying to deflate a football. And many players have their signature

t.d. moves.

But those team-wide choreographed “events” are way too much. It’s football not some talent, game show. I like the words of the now disgraced Joe Paterno (and credit to him is debated): “Act like you’ve been there before.” After all, these mega-millionaires are only doing what they’re paid to do.

By the way, I haven’t talked to a single person who agrees with me. Although I haven’t talked to anyone my age.

Jeff Miller


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