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Letter: Climate change is natural should not be politicized

Climate change is often thought to be mainly caused by emissions into the atmosphere such as smoke, smog, etc. While they do cause problems, they are not the main cause of climate change.

There is evidence, however, that natural phenomenon involving water vapor, ozone and carbon dioxide do have a blanketing effect, whereby the sun’s radiation becomes available for the maintenance of the physical and biological process on the Earth. These three constituents cause what is known as thegreenhouse effect.

More water vapor would create a more moderate warming effect while less vapor would cause a colder climate.

Climate change has taken place as long as the Earth has been in existence. Any attempt by man to alter a natural phenomenon will only be a waste of time and money. Man-made emissions should be controlled by individual nations. Don’t expect the United States to chip in for other countries’ problems.

President Donald Trump is right.

Don Weimer


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