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Letter: Allowing priests to marry does not solve the problem

After reading many opinions on whether the priests of the Roman Catholic Church should be allowed to be married thus breaking the celibacy rule, questions have come to the surface for me.

I am not against priests marrying and having families but why are all the writers of this subject just focusing on priests marrying? What if there (and I believe there are) gay priests in the Catholic Church? What about them? Since the church has made the decision not to let same-sex couples adopt children, it leaves me to wonder about these priests that are gay. Where and how do they fit in?

The breaking the celibacy rule would do nothing to help them to move forward toward the only life that they feel would be “normal” to them. If we are truly made in God’s image that would include everyone around the world, not just the select few. Isn’t that what we are taught?

And why is it that 90 percent or more of all the children abused by priests over the years are mostly male?

Doesn’t that say something to all who feel that this problem would be taken care of if the priests could just marry and lead a “normal” life.

I don’t think the answers are so easy as marrying. It is disgusting that these priests have ruined the lives of so many children down through the years. Nothing can ever atone for their actions, ever.

I hope more thought and work is put into place, then to just have these priests marry, to stop this from ever happening again.

Lucille Wozniak

West Seneca

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