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Letter: Albany must act to change nursing home outcomes

Nursing home abuse. Any solution? No, I don’t think so.

If there was serious interest in Albany in doing the right thing we would have effective legal remedies in place to deal with “criminal negligence.”

Reference the recent tragedy suffered by the Larry Myers family at the hands of Kaleida HighPointe nursing facility. Major abuse and neglect…actually caught on a hidden video camera placed by New York State attorney general’s office.

So…the video was instrumental in bringing felony charges against 17 New York State certified and/or licensed health care employees. Charges of falsifying records and physical willful endangerment for the poor resident who was literally starving and dying of thirst because he could not feed himself.

And after the charade had been played out in the New York State legal system…misdemeanor plea bargains with community service sentencing and just one CNA jailed for 15 days.

If it were your disabled husband or father similarly treated how would you feel about the justice received. Of course, there will be a civil suit.

But it’s likely that only the Kaleida organization has the deep pockets to feed the civil legal prosecutorial interests. Finally, it must be strongly stated that the debt of gratitude we owe the hundreds of dedicated professionals working in Western New York nursing homes must not be ignored due to the “bad apples!”

Fred Kawa


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