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Letter: Create pathway to citizenship and stop the border insanity

I’ve been crying all day. I just watched people getting numbers to cross the border. So, now we’re not just putting immigrants in camps here, with food and a bed because we’re humane humans, we’re literally using a permanent marker so they come here slowly, so slowly to make their asylum claims.

Asylum is a legal status according to United States law and United Nations policy. You can cross at a border checkpoint or even be here illegally to make such a claim. I am so done with this presidency. We could have stymied the racist “build a wall” candidate in his tracks by passing one piece of legislation. We just needed to create a pathway to citizenship for illegals already here and come up with a plan to deal with asylum seekers.

We needed to tweak an immigration law, Simpson-Mazzoli, we passed in 1986. The Department of Homeland Security has 750,000 employers in its electronic system and an employer only has to use E-Verify to check an immigrant’s status. We are building a wall because employers don’t want to be responsible for doing that.

The head of our kleptocracy came into power because we failed to do that simple task. Congress needs to do that now to stop the rallies and talk of caravans. Then this demagogue can be stopped in his tracks. Write this to your Congress member and senators. It’s that easy.

Helaine Sanders, LMSW, JD

East Amherst

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