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Letter: Global warming is real, so we should do something

For all the people who do not believe in global warming, give us the evidence that there is no such thing. If so share it with the rest of us.

As you well know, President Trump does not believe in global warming. Do you think he knows what he is talking about? Trump has a huge library in Washington, he could take advantage of and read up on global warming. I suggest the same for all who never liked science.

For most of us who will be gone when global warming takes effect it will be too late for our children and their children to do anything. Think about that, your grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Did you ever think about the billions of dollars it takes to recover from these horrible tornados, hurricanes, floods and fires.

It would be better to put these billions of dollars toward focusing on ways to prevent global warming.

Global warming is a

. Are you willing to


Carol Sundquist


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