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Letter: Develop a bipartisan plan to keep foreigners at home

It’s almost embarrassing to see our government representatives are still at slug-fist mentality. As the world looks on, our government elites continue to persist in their Wild West persona. It’s just amazing to see insolence play out on our nightly news broadcasts.

Concerning the latest Democratic-Republican sensationalistic fiasco of President Donald Trump ramping up his $5 billion funding for our southern wall, Democrats want to only allow $1.5 billion whereas Trump is playing tough for the whole doughnut. Hopefully they will all come to their senses and split the difference at $2.5 billion and go to work.

It’s just a shame our American diplomats can’t figure out a way to invest all these billions of dollars in those countries that are emptying out citizens to let those people stay put within the traditions and security of their own country. Certainly our government administrators and other hierarchy could search the internet for fresh ideas on how to assist other countries and ourselves on how to start and expand economies

Now that Democrats have reestablished their congressional position, we are hopeful new ideas and concepts will be the new mark of a truly responsible Congress.

Russell D. Ward


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