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Woman set on fire by male assailant at City of Tonawanda Tim Hortons

A City of Tonawanda woman and her alleged assailant suffered serious burns Monday after the woman was attacked outside a Tim Hortons restaurant, according to City of Tonawanda police.

Both were transported to Erie County Medical Center, where they are being treated in the hospital's burn unit for their injuries, said City of Tonawanda Patrol Capt. Fredric Foels.

The identities of the man, who Foels said is 28 years old, and the woman, who is 25, have not been released by police. Foels described the incident as a "boyfriend/girlfriend domestic" incident. The couple share children together, he added.

"He wanted to settle the score and doused her with some kind of a flammable liquid, and not only did she catch on fire, he caught on fire also," said Foels.

"She is not doing good," Foels added. "Both of them had pretty good burns on their front sides, face, arms, hands."

Foels said the incident took place about 3:30 p.m. Monday at the Tim Hortons at 71 Niagara St. in the City of Tonawanda.

The victim was inside the restaurant when she received a call on her cellphone from the alleged assailant, who lured her to a dumpster area outside the restaurant, Foels said.

"This dumpster at this Tim Hortons is one of those dumpsters where there's a stockade fence around the dumpster to hide the dumpster. There are two dumpsters in this corral area. He's lying inside the dumpster, lying in wait. He calls her up on the cellphone. She's working at Tim Hortons and he says, 'Can you come out to the dumpsters and can we talk?' " Foels said.

"So, unbeknownst, she goes out there, goes into this corral area and when he splashes all this liquid on her, lights her up and the fumes caught him on fire, too," he added.

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