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Video Review: The stats lie; call it a 68-percent accuracy day for Josh Allen

Josh Allen completed 50 percent of his passes in the Bills’ win over Detroit.

The reality is Allen had a 68 percent “accuracy day” in Buffalo’s 14-13 victory.

Let’s take a closer look at Allen’s incompletions from Sunday, when he went 13 of 26 passing.

He had five throwaway passes on which he was chased out of the pocket, plus a deep heave late in the first half under pressure that essentially was a prayer. The throwaways included one deep sideline pass for Robert Foster on which he thought he was getting a “free down” because it looked like the Lions had jumped offside.

Allen had two dropped passes, one on a deep post for Deonte Thompson and one on a crossing route for Zay Jones. You might say calling the Thompson play a drop is a stretch, because it would have required a great catch.

Fine. That’s still seven incompletions that fell into the throwaway-prayer-heave category. So 13 of 19 is a better reflection of how he threw the ball.

Allen had two other incompletions while being chased out of the pocket that should have been throwaways. Allen tried to squeeze the ball in and both were almost intercepted.

Other than that, Allen’s incompletions were a corner route for Jones that was overthrown but well covered, a cross-body throw that he led too far, and an on-target sideline throw for Jones that could have been an interference call.

As expected, the Lions’ priority was keeping Allen in the pocket. They blitzed on only 4 of 33 drop-backs (12 percent), the least of any Bills opponent this season according to News statistics.

“For the most part, I think there was a spy on me most of the time,” Allen said. “He was staying back there kind of mirroring what I was doing, and that’s where the timing that I was talking about comes into play. If I’m good with my timing, with the depths and where the receivers are and getting it out on time, I don’t have to worry about that.”

Detroit does not have dangerous edge rushers, so it had no choice but to defend Allen by dropping seven or eight into coverage. Still, Allen’s running ability should continue to help his accuracy. If defenses fear blitzing him, he should be able to find seams in zones.

That’s what he did to the Lions. He had tight-window throws from the pocket of 28, 16, 31 and 25 yards, plus the touch-pass TD of 42 yards to Robert Foster.

(Here was the 16-yarder into a tight window to Isaiah McKenzie.)

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