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Letter: House Dems will not prove to be any better

Now that the Democrats will take over the House of Representatives will they cooperate with Republicans and reach across the aisle or will they pander to their base that wants President Donald Trump’s blood. Guess?

Even voters skeptical of Trump will embrace him after two years of Reps. Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff who will run all over town with subpoenas.

The Democrats will make fools of themselves with impeachment hearings, Justice Brett Kavanaugh issues and Russia, Russia, Russia.

All the while voters will be pleading for infrastructure bills and policies to alleviate the criminal aliens’ crime. The Democrats have no ideas that will do a better job on the economy and jobs.

So-called experts including Obama said it was impossible to think economic growth could exceed 3 percent. Trump proved it can, running between 3½ to 4 percent. Obama said manufacturing jobs were lost forever. Under Trump according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, over the past year manufacturing added 224,000 jobs.

Democrats are still trying to pay back Trump for beating Clinton in 2016.

Don’t expect much civility in Washington and don’t look for major media to criticize any Democrats for lack of civility. Gridlock for the next tow years is the likely scenario. A divided government with a divided nation.

John Orlowski


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