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Letter: Focus on ethics, but also watch the governor

Well, now! The Buffalo News editorial board calls for ethics to be a priority in the governor’s to-do list. It is certainly a fact that our state government needs reform, particularly in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office. Since the Democratic Party now controls all branches of our government, will we be going from “three men in a room” to two men, or maybe one?

The expeditious fashion that the SAFE Act bill was enacted into law shows what can happen when the populace has no chance of inputting their opinions on a bill. Hopefully, this will not occur with the proposed law that would require a search of social media accounts of pistol permit applicants.

State lawmakers should deliberate this very thoroughly, as they appear to be doing on recreational marijuana proposals.

It seems that our state is turning more Coumonistic with the election of more “progressive” socialists to state offices. What does this hold for our future? More individual freedom, or more “1984” lockstep?

Raymond Olson


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