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Letter: Facts are stubborn things when it comes to climate

I must take issue with the recent letter writer who contemptuously scorns environmental science and those that are concerned that the earth is at risk. And he does so in such a Trumpian manner. Say whatever you want, ignore facts, and repeat it over and over.

I would imagine this fella doesn’t have smoke detectors in his house, well, because his house hasn’t burned down while he’s been living there, so he doesn’t need them. And to include Facebook and Twitter in the discussion? Really, what does that have to do with anything?

He cites two globally concerned politicians who have used private jets and build villas. Ah, hello? Your buddy Donald travels on AF1 nearly every weekend to his numerous villas along the Atlantic shore. Oops, I forgot. Donald has no knowledge, no interest, and no regard for the environment.

As to your gobbledygook about our influence on the environment, are you aware of the recent discovery of a floating island of plastic 34 times the size of Manhattan (and growing) or the dead whale found to have consumed 1,000 pounds of plastic when (s)he floated ashore? Yes, I know, you’re going to say the whale died of old age. I don’t mean to sound hostile but I get angry when ignorance spews.

George McNally


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