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Letter: Bush’s death must return GOP back to its senses

The death of President George H.W. Bush has really got me thinking about our current Republican Party.

Bush was a president we can all be proud of, whatever our party. In his memory can Republicans finally come to their senses?

I was once a Republican and still hold many of the values Republicans once thought were important, like fiscal conservatism.

Can rank-and-file Republicans, good people and many of them my neighbors, finally stop turning a blind eye to the destruction of our democratic institutions like the attorney general being loyal to the law, not the president? Like calling any bad news about the president or the Republican Party “fake”? Like saying goons chanting “Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville last year are “very fine people?”

Of course, we need to decide who comes in the country, but why are Republicans tolerating all these hateful speeches about immigrants when so many of us had immigrant grandparents running from poverty and strongman rulers just like those Central Americans?

I understand who sits on the Supreme Court is important to many Republicans but at some point the means do not justify the ends.

At some point integrity still has to matter. Speak out against un-presidential, offensive behavior by our commander-in-chief, and the unconscionable rolling back of environmental protections that would have helped assure we hand over clean air and water to our children.

When will Republicans finally stand up for what’s right?

Kurt Gilbert


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