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Letter: The clock is ticking on Trump’s misdeeds

Tick-tock, tick- tock, the clock is ticking and President Trump is counting the minutes, hours and days that may spell his demise.

Trump and his family will have to face the onslaught of inquiries that are coming their way in January 2019, tick-tock. With every click of the clock, the person, Rep. Maxine Waters, whom Trump said, “has a low IQ,” is brushing up to prove that despite the fact she has a “low IQ,” she is smart enough to try to impeach him, tick-tock.

Beside Congress, let’s see who else is investigating Trump and his family, Robert Mueller for the Russian gig, Southern District of New York and the attorney general for the Cohen debacle, another attorney general for the Manafort caper, Stormy Daniels is not through with him and in the future Mike Flynn and others will sing like chorus boys.

What else is on the plate? Obstructing justice, violating the emolument clause, abusing the pardon power, trying to investigate and prosecute political adversaries, undermining the freedom of the press and of course unconstitutionally imprisoning children and their families.


Michael Giallombardo


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