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Letter: Members of migrant caravan have disguised intentions

This is a rebuttal to the letter writer who wants to know why the U.S. didn’t handle the destitute caravan better. In his letter he mentioned we could have sent a host of professional people and supplies to the border to greet these people.

First of all, our country has a set of rules and principles established by our Constitution. Nowhere does it say we have to appease individuals whose intentions are disguised to gain illegal entry into our country by touching the soft spot of liberals.

He mentioned lawyers, interpreters and judges sent could have eased the burden along with tents. However, he failed to mention doctors. These illegals, many of them have AIDS, chicken pox, measles, are HIV positive and a host of other illnesses. Years back immigrants who were accepted entry to Ellis Island had to have a physical and be quarantined before entry.

I have another idea; many left wingers could meet these caravans of people and sponsor them after going through the process and bring them into their homes.

Anthony Hamill


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