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Meet the fall 2018 All-Western New York Scholar-Athlete honorable mention team

The 2018 All-Western New York Scholar-Athlete fall sports team consists of 135 winners and 926 who were honorable mention. To be nominated for the team, students must have carried a 90-plus average for the previous six semesters and been a starter or significant player in their fall sport. The scholar-athlete team is open to seniors from Western New York's 100-plus public and private schools. Here is listing of the honorable mention selections in alphabetical order by school. More information is available at

All-WNY Scholar Athletes: Fall 2018


Sport First Last School
Boys Cross Country Nathan Chubb Akron
Boys Soccer Kaleb Delaney Akron
Boys Soccer Andrew March Akron
Boys Soccer Riley Polkowski Akron
Boys Soccer Micah Suckow Akron
Boys Soccer Riley Trzenski Akron
Field Hockey Adriana Militello Akron
Girls Cross Country Hailey Hall Akron
Girls Cross Country Ellise Leeds Akron
Girls Cross Country Grace Norton Akron
Girls Cross Country Marissa Venter Akron
Girls Soccer Jenna Robnett Akron
Girls Volleyball Aurora Hockwater Akron
Boys Soccer Harrison Brown Albion
Football Jessy Cruz Albion
Football Kirk Ellison Albion
Football Matthew Kovaleski Albion
Football Bryce Pritchard Albion
Girls Cross Country Malory Adams Albion
Girls Cross Country Trinity Allen Albion
Girls Cross Country Emma Mathes Albion
Girls Cross Country Madison Narburgh Albion
Girls Cross Country Tess Pettit Albion
Girls Soccer Brylie Hapeman Albion
Girls Volleyball Natalie Lathrop Albion
Girls Volleyball Sierra Newton Albion
Boys Soccer Alex Biniewski Alden
Boys Soccer Jeremy Evoy Alden
Boys Soccer Justin Evoy Alden
Boys Soccer Quinn Keller Alden
Boys Soccer David Menzies Alden
Boys Soccer Brandon Turnbull Alden
Football Alex Rzepka Alden
Girls Swimming Julia Salim Alden
Girls Volleyball Shelby Kersten Alden
Boys Cross Country Ethan Conner Amherst
Boys Golf Owen Stanton Amherst
Boys Golf Andrew Willett Amherst
Boys Soccer Robert Dauria Amherst
Boys Soccer Flynn Granville Amherst
Boys Soccer Andrew Johnson Amherst
Boys Volleyball Samuel Butler Amherst
Boys Volleyball Matthew Gramza Amherst
Boys Volleyball Jonathon LoTempio Amherst
Boys Volleyball Jackson Tan Amherst
Field Hockey Natalie Brechtel Amherst
Football Joe Byrne Amherst
Football Matt Mohan Amherst
Football Sean Murphy Amherst
Girls Cross Country Sophia Roy Amherst
Girls Cross Country Amelia Schaeffer Amherst
Girls Cross Country Emma Stelley Amherst
Girls Soccer Emma Baker-Terhaar Amherst
Girls Soccer Natalie Szmara Amherst
Girls Soccer Tess Weber Amherst
Girls Soccer Caroline Yoder Amherst
Girls Swimming Carolyn DeBoth Amherst
Girls Tennis Colleen Chen Amherst
Girls Tennis Laura Hoffman Amherst
Girls Volleyball Grace Foster Amherst
Girls Volleyball Grace Foster Amherst
Girls Volleyball Madison Jorgensen Amherst
Girls Volleyball Bridget Nowicki Amherst
Girls Volleyball Emma Szalach Amherst
Girls Volleyball Simmone Talford Amherst
Girls Volleyball Mary Trabert Amherst
Girls Volleyball Natalie Zapfel Amherst
Boys Cross Country Andrew Callaghan Barker
Boys Cross Country Daniel Ober Barker
Field Hockey Erin Costello Barker
Girls Cross Country Jessica Haseley Barker
Girls Cross Country Bridget Moeller Barker
Girls Soccer Shelby Ewald Barker
Field Hockey Elizabeth McAllister Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Field Hockey Samantha McAllister Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Field Hockey Morgan Oun Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Field Hockey Emily Schneggenburger Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Field Hockey Kathryn Wolf Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Girls Cross Country Hannah Lewandowski Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Girls Golf Giavanna Bolognese Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Girls Soccer Sarah Campbell Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Girls Soccer Nicole Grichen Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Girls Swimming Liliana Dimmig Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Girls Swimming Abigail Halsdorfer Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Girls Swimming Olivia Koschuk Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Girls Volleyball Gabriella Berardi Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Girls Volleyball Taylor Jakubik Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Girls Volleyball Gabriella Salvo Bflo Acad/Sacred Heart
Boys Cross Country Patrick Nappo Bishop Timon
Field Hockey Kailyn Lane Buffalo Seminary
Girls Cross Country Zoe Knauss Buffalo Seminary
Girls Soccer Erin Griffis Buffalo Seminary
Girls Soccer Alicia Land Buffalo Seminary
Girls Soccer Nicole Nobrega Buffalo Seminary
Boys Cross Country Joe Smith Burgard
Boys Cross Country Benjamin Biniszkiewicz Canisius HS
Boys Cross Country Seamus Galvin Canisius HS
Boys Cross Country Joshua Kracker Canisius HS
Boys Cross Country Nicholas Mecca Canisius HS
Boys Cross Country Francis Rados Canisius HS
Boys Cross Country Aidam Zamorski Canisius HS
Boys Golf Matthew Jackson Canisius HS
Boys Golf John Rehak Canisius HS
Boys Soccer John Collins Canisius HS
Boys Soccer Connor Garrett Canisius HS
Boys Soccer Alexander Nemeth Canisius HS
Boys Soccer John Vincent Canisius HS
Boys Volleyball Patrick Frieary Canisius HS
Boys Volleyball Phillip Frieary Canisius HS
Boys Volleyball Brian Herrmann Canisius HS
Boys Volleyball Brendan Leong Canisius HS
Boys Volleyball John Manka Canisius HS
Football Maxim Murray Canisius HS
Boys Cross Country Thomas Appenheimer Cardinal O'Hara
Boys Cross Country Harmon Smith Cardinal O'Hara
Boys Golf Alex Kubiniec Cardinal O'Hara
Boys Soccer Michael Orgek Cardinal O'Hara
Football Stephen Boyd Jr. Cardinal O'Hara
Football Conklin Masters Cardinal O'Hara
Football Zachary Randall Cardinal O'Hara
Girls Soccer Emma Gandolfi Cardinal O'Hara
Girls Soccer Maya Gandy Cardinal O'Hara
Girls Soccer Angel Parker Cardinal O'Hara
Girls Soccer Jaydah Robertson Cardinal O'Hara
Girls Volleyball Isabella Battaglia Cardinal O'Hara
Girls Volleyball Victoria Lakeman Cardinal O'Hara
Girls Soccer Tara Cratsley Cassadaga Valley
Girls Soccer Jesse Morrison Cassadaga Valley
Girls Soccer Anna Wenger Cassadaga Valley
Girls Volleyball Katrinah Bretl Cassadaga Valley
Girls Volleyball Brittyn LeBaron Cassadaga Valley
Girls Volleyball Brooke Repine Cassadaga Valley
Boys Soccer Bryan Anderson Chautauqua Lake
Boys Soccer Alex Gleason Chautauqua Lake
Girls Volleyball Olivia Anderson Chautauqua Lake
Girls Volleyball Megan Brown Chautauqua Lake
Girls Volleyball Abigail Henry Chautauqua Lake
Girls Cross Country Cecelia Favorito City Honors
Girls Golf Shanaz Uddin City Honors
Girls Soccer Hannah Fisher City Honors
Girls Soccer Aniejah Humphrey City Honors
Girls Soccer Mackenzie Milne City Honors
Girls Soccer Natasha Panepinto City Honors
Girls Soccer Anna Pyne City Honors
Girls Swimming Julia Penchaszadeh Robert City Honors
Boys Cross Country Andrew Biegner Clarence
Boys Cross Country Garrett Conover Clarence
Boys Cross Country Dan Daddario Clarence
Boys Cross Country John Insinna Clarence
Boys Golf Christian Gugliuzza Clarence
Boys Golf Maxx Kempton Clarence
Boys Golf James Nazzaro Clarence
Boys Golf Akilesh Ramakrishna Clarence
Boys Golf Trevor Rice Clarence
Boys Golf Ryan Serpe Clarence
Boys Soccer Gehrig Lahti Clarence
Boys Soccer Kenneth Suen Clarence
Boys Volleyball Jack Benson Clarence
Boys Volleyball Kevin Cashdollar Clarence
Boys Volleyball James Galligan Clarence
Boys Volleyball Aaron Sinica Clarence
Boys Volleyball Patrick Wiesinger Clarence
Football Calvin Enderby Clarence
Football Jonathan Stevens Clarence
Football Brendan Toole Clarence
Girls Golf Anna Geiger Clarence
Girls Gymnastics Abbigail Castiglione Clarence
Girls Gymnastics Isabella Maurer Clarence
Girls Soccer Megan McCraith Clarence
Girls Soccer Hannah Rivett Clarence
Girls Swimming Lindsey Scanio Clarence
Girls Tennis Chloe Esch Clarence
Girls Tennis Morgan Saraf Clarence
Girls Volleyball Jaide Cummings Clarence
Girls Volleyball Miranda Edmondson Clarence
Girls Volleyball Haley Marlowe Clarence
Boys Cross Country Andrew Bloom Cleveland Hill
Football Aaron Wahler Cleveland Hill
Girls Cross Country Monique Martin Cleveland Hill
Girls Volleyball Lydia Catalino Cleveland Hill
Girls Golf Alexandria Fazio Depew
Girls Volleyball Grace Krasteva Depew
Girls Soccer Emily Baumgartner Dunkirk
Girls Soccer Morgan Cotton Dunkirk
Girls Soccer Mariah Glowniak Dunkirk
Girls Soccer Rachael Glowniak Dunkirk
Girls Soccer Destiny Marrero Dunkirk
Girls Soccer Emma Newton Dunkirk
Girls Soccer Mia Piede Dunkirk
Girls Soccer Georgia Roberts Dunkirk
Girls Soccer Erica Rojas Dunkirk
Girls Soccer Leionna Thomas Dunkirk
Girls Soccer Olivia Yerico-Piazza Dunkirk
Girls Tennis Hannah Sanchez Dunkirk
Boys Golf Matthew Jeffe East Aurora
Boys Golf Jacob Roach East Aurora
Boys Soccer Alexander Baase East Aurora
Boys Soccer Christopher Fuller East Aurora
Boys Soccer Christian Kivari East Aurora
Boys Soccer Kameron Kmicinski East Aurora
Boys Soccer William Mahoney East Aurora
Boys Soccer Johnathan Putney East Aurora
Boys Soccer Adam Russ East Aurora
Boys Soccer Joshua Stahlka East Aurora
Boys Soccer Samuel Vucic East Aurora
Boys Volleyball Johnathan Chugh East Aurora
Boys Volleyball Jake Czelusta East Aurora
Boys Volleyball Jack Gurbacki East Aurora
Field Hockey Peyton Bentley East Aurora
Field Hockey Kaela Guest East Aurora
Field Hockey Madeline Ohlweiler East Aurora
Football Lucas Grad East Aurora
Football Finn O'Brien East Aurora
Girls Cross Country Ava Danieu East Aurora
Girls Cross Country Emily Jason East Aurora
Girls Soccer Lucy Creighton East Aurora
Girls Soccer Page Hazen East Aurora
Girls Soccer Katherine Jancevski East Aurora
Girls Soccer Morgan Mann East Aurora
Girls Soccer Gretchen Stoll East Aurora
Girls Swimming Julia May East Aurora
Girls Swimming Daisy Nicholl East Aurora
Girls Swimming Victoria Schneider East Aurora
Girls Tennis Katherine Arriaga East Aurora
Girls Tennis Elizabeth Del Vecchio East Aurora
Girls Tennis Kennedy Horning East Aurora
Girls Tennis Anne Koester East Aurora
Girls Tennis Sawyer Tehan East Aurora
Girls Volleyball Olivia Covington East Aurora
Girls Volleyball Kelly Gampietro East Aurora
Girls Volleyball Astrid Larson East Aurora
Boys Cross Country George Mecca Eden
Boys Soccer Brett Schmitz Eden
Boys Volleyball Gavin Musielak Eden
Girls Swimming Makayla Scheu Eden
Boys Soccer Brennan Finn Ellicottville
Girls Soccer Meganne Chapman Ellicottville
Football Otis Houston Emerson
Girls Volleyball Gabrielle Schwartzott Emerson
Football Jordan Dustin Falconer
Football Robbie Penhollow Falconer
Girls Cross Country Macey Arnone Falconer
Football Luke Szumigala Forestville
Football Benjamin Mooney Franklinville
Boys Cross Country Kevin Redfield Fredonia
Boys Cross Country Diego Rey Fredonia
Boys Soccer Gabe Persch Fredonia
Boys Soccer Michael Persch Fredonia
Football Dyress Batten Fredonia
Girls Cross Country Aurora Merwin Fredonia
Girls Swimming Grace Mroczka Fredonia
Girls Swimming Isabella Pucci-Schaefer Fredonia
Girls Swimming Mackenzie Quinn Fredonia
Girls Swimming Kaelyn Zebraski Fredonia
Boys Cross Country Joseph Groth Frontier
Boys Cross Country Noah Lepsch Frontier
Boys Volleyball Joseph Dreyer Frontier
Boys Volleyball Brandon Dunz Frontier
Boys Volleyball Christopher Jones Frontier
Boys Volleyball Brian Norsen Frontier
Boys Volleyball Elliott Robinson Frontier
Boys Volleyball Benjamin Taylor Frontier
Girls Cross Country Carly Caligiuri Frontier
Girls Cross Country Abigail Maus Frontier
Girls Cross Country Montana Tysiac Frontier
Girls Gymnastics Jenna Shaver Frontier
Girls Gymnastics Kacey Stack Frontier
Girls Soccer Emily Applegate Frontier
Girls Soccer Hannah Gorski Frontier
Girls Soccer Alyssa Lorka Frontier
Girls Soccer Arianna Tschip Frontier
Girls Swimming Courtney Allen Frontier
Girls Volleyball Anna Johnston Frontier
Girls Volleyball Olivia Weller Frontier
Girls Cross Country Kristine Twoguns Gowanda
Boys Cross Country Nicholas Carey Grand Island
Boys Soccer Nathan Hunt Grand Island
Boys Soccer Rhett Robinson Grand Island
Boys Soccer William Soos Grand Island
Football Nick Hess Grand Island
Football Trevor Samplinski Grand Island
Football Cam Sionko Grand Island
Football Easton Speer Grand Island
Girls Soccer Samantha Bailey Grand Island
Girls Soccer Alexa Chiarenza Grand Island
Girls Soccer Gianna Horvath Grand Island
Girls Soccer Jordan Pachla Grand Island
Girls Soccer Laura Schultz Grand Island
Girls Swimming Lexie Diaz Grand Island
Girls Tennis Brianna Bachman Grand Island
Boys Cross Country Lukas Marcin Hamburg
Field Hockey Hayley Gannon Hamburg
Field Hockey Eleanor Gow Hamburg
Field Hockey Samantha Gregoire Hamburg
Football Nathan Capasso Hamburg
Football Zachary Nyhart Hamburg
Girls Cross Country Lindsey Mayer Hamburg
Girls Cross Country Samantha Zitomer Hamburg
Girls Gymnastics Kristen Bacher Hamburg
Girls Gymnastics Maria Covelli Hamburg
Girls Gymnastics Lily Joyce Hamburg
Girls Gymnastics Samantha Vail Hamburg
Girls Soccer Julia Baldonado Hamburg
Girls Soccer Caitlin Gonter Hamburg
Girls Soccer Laura Mecca Hamburg
Girls Soccer Brianna Calmes Holland
Girls Soccer Olivia Chamberlin Holland
Girls Soccer Alexandria Speyer Holland
Girls Swimming Lauren Oleksy Holland
Girls Volleyball Abigail Jusiak Holland
Girls Cross Country Htoo Wah Hutchinson Tech
Girls Soccer Dahre Lay Hutchinson Tech
Girls Soccer Lucy Nguyen Hutchinson Tech
Girls Soccer Grace Nsabimana Hutchinson Tech
Girls Cross Country Olabisi Kausanat Arobadade International Prep
Girls Soccer Fadumo Mohammed International Prep
Girls Soccer Busime Nankumba International Prep
Girls Soccer Youa Paw International Prep
Girls Soccer Jule Yet International Prep
Boys Cross Country Peter Wild Iroquois
Boys Golf Sean Hoellig Iroquois
Boys Golf Tanner Kulbacki Iroquois
Boys Soccer Nicholas Baetz Iroquois
Boys Volleyball Gabriel Negus Iroquois
Field Hockey Mya Braun Iroquois
Field Hockey Nancy Pham Iroquois
Football Ethan Herbold Iroquois
Football Adam Reichert Iroquois
Girls Soccer Erin McLaughlin Iroquois
Girls Swimming Veronica Boller Iroquois
Girls Volleyball Laina Caparaso Iroquois
Girls Volleyball Madison Hoeflich Iroquois
Girls Volleyball Katherine Jacobs Iroquois
Girls Volleyball Megan Nolan Iroquois
Girls Volleyball Julia Peinkofer Iroquois
Girls Volleyball Amanda Richter Iroquois
Football Drew Boggs Jamestown
Football Alex Classon Jamestown
Football JonMichael DeAngelo Jamestown
Football Finley Holt Jamestown
Football Joshua Zielinski Jamestown
Girls Tennis Camryn Wilson Jamestown
Girls Volleyball Karleigh Haines Jamestown
Girls Volleyball Isabelle Knapp Jamestown
Girls Volleyball Ellyse Noon Jamestown
Girls Volleyball Morgan Tracy Jamestown
Girls Soccer Isabella Bona Kenmore East
Girls Soccer Alexis Cummings Kenmore East
Girls Soccer Lyndsay O'Brien Kenmore East
Boys Soccer Jayden Thorpe Kenmore West
Boys Soccer Trey Wojnar Kenmore West
Football Andrew Cegielski Kennedy
Boys Volleyball Nate Lockwood Lake Shore
Girls Cross Country Allysyn O'Connor Lake Shore
Girls Cross Country Rebecca Perry Lake Shore
Girls Soccer Claire Birkemeier Lake Shore
Girls Tennis Lauren Wood Lake Shore
Girls Volleyball Hannah Duderwick Lake Shore
Girls Volleyball Adalia Plain Lake Shore
Boys Cross Country Samuel Auria Lancaster
Boys Cross Country Eric Cornell Lancaster
Boys Cross Country Joseph Darone Lancaster
Boys Cross Country Derek Lasker Lancaster
Boys Cross Country Matthew Morgus Lancaster
Boys Golf Jacob Conklin Lancaster
Boys Golf Seamus Furlong Lancaster
Boys Golf Jakob Jerebko Lancaster
Boys Soccer Joshua Donner Lancaster
Boys Soccer Tyler Eisman Lancaster
Boys Soccer Jacob Klimczak Lancaster
Boys Soccer Adam Kolis Lancaster
Boys Soccer Marco Maggiore Lancaster
Boys Soccer Patrick Morin Lancaster
Boys Soccer Jacob Tobolski Lancaster
Boys Soccer Benjamin Walleshauser Lancaster
Boys Volleyball Alann Au Lancaster
Boys Volleyball Matthew Garry Lancaster
Boys Volleyball Henry Hansen Lancaster
Boys Volleyball James Wilkowski Lancaster
Field Hockey Jillian Blas Lancaster
Field Hockey Samantha Martz Lancaster
Field Hockey Jordan Rokitka Lancaster
Field Hockey Jeanette Szefler Lancaster
Football Ryan Carlsen Lancaster
Football Matthew Cress Lancaster
Football Nicholas Dowling Lancaster
Football Devyn Szarpa Lancaster
Girls Cross Country Sarah O'Shei Lancaster
Girls Cross Country Marina Volpini Lancaster
Girls Golf Kaylee Doering Lancaster
Girls Golf Arianna Musialowski Lancaster
Girls Golf Morgan Zaccarine Lancaster
Girls Gymnastics Makenzie Castiglione Lancaster
Girls Gymnastics Kaylie Stirling Lancaster
Girls Gymnastics Heather Thomson Lancaster
Girls Soccer Alison Jurkowski Lancaster
Girls Soccer Meghan Loftus Lancaster
Girls Soccer Camryn Lucarelli Lancaster
Girls Soccer Autumn Riedel Lancaster
Girls Soccer Emma Sisti Lancaster
Girls Soccer Julia Vanaskie Lancaster
Girls Swimming Marirose Annibali Lancaster
Girls Swimming Sydney Burgard Lancaster
Girls Swimming Molly Hewett Lancaster
Girls Swimming Michaela Morgus Lancaster
Girls Swimming Victoria Prusaczyk Lancaster
Girls Swimming Ivy Vallely Lancaster
Girls Swimming Kacie Voigt Lancaster
Girls Tennis Ashley McNamara Lancaster
Girls Tennis Rebecca Myers Lancaster
Girls Volleyball Brianne Acquard Lancaster
Girls Volleyball Jessica Clark Lancaster
Girls Volleyball Marlaina Voelker Lancaster
Girls Cross Country Sydney Cooke Leonardo da Vinci
Boys Cross Country Nicholas Passanese Lewiston Porter
Boys Golf Luke Wilson Lewiston Porter
Football Noah Coppins Lewiston Porter
Football Dillon Fitzgerald Lewiston Porter
Girls Golf Madeline Catalano Lewiston Porter
Girls Soccer Riley Crum Lewiston Porter
Girls Soccer Alexis Lindamer Lewiston Porter
Girls Tennis Stephanie DeCroix Lewiston Porter
Boys Cross Country Owen Szantor Lockport
Boys Soccer Hayden Coakley Lockport
Boys Soccer Ethan Menges Lockport
Boys Soccer Shion Sprunger Lockport
Boys Soccer Jamison Stoness Lockport
Boys Volleyball Duane Barrow Lockport
Boys Volleyball Sean Denniston Lockport
Boys Volleyball Rhees Perry Lockport
Boys Volleyball Aiden Williams Lockport
Girls Tennis Bethany Sielski Lockport
Girls Volleyball Jada Fluellen Lockport
Girls Volleyball Kourtney Krchniak Lockport
Girls Volleyball Elizabeth Luick Lockport
Girls Volleyball Hanna Sobieraski Lockport
Boys Cross Country Benjamin Lockwood Maple Grove
Boys Soccer Ezekiel Olson Maple Grove
Football James  Mason Gowan Maple Grove
Girls Cross Country Kristin Kelemen Maple Grove
Girls Soccer Sarah Berg Maple Grove
Girls Soccer Clare Crossley Maple Grove
Girls Soccer Samantha Davis Maple Grove
Girls Soccer Chloe Kibbe Maple Grove
Girls Tennis Elise Swanson Maple Grove
Girls Volleyball Madigan Howard Maple Grove
Girls Volleyball Holly Morgenstern Maple Grove
Girls Volleyball Morgan Tarbrake Maple Grove
Girls Volleyball Madison Welsh Maple Grove
Girls Gymnastics Audrey Godfrey Maryvale
Girls Soccer Taylor Gorlick Maryvale
Girls Volleyball Kisanet Hadish Math Science Tech
Girls Volleyball Pray Meh Math Science Tech
Girls Volleyball Ngun Sin Math Science Tech
Boys Soccer Noah Heinsler Medina
Boys Soccer Caelan Holland Medina
Boys Soccer Andrew Houseman Medina
Boys Soccer Kody Leno Medina
Boys Soccer Steve Luksch Medina
Boys Soccer Ray Paull Medina
Boys Soccer Jonathan Pietrafesa Medina
Field Hockey Sarah Cochrane Medina
Field Hockey Jessica Granchelli Medina
Girls Cross Country Rebecca Lunden Medina
Girls Cross Country Ryenn Oliver Medina
Girls Cross Country Cora Payne Medina
Girls Volleyball Madison Williams Medina
Girls Golf Chloe Diebold Mt. Mercy Academy
Girls Soccer Megan Cycon Mt. Mercy Academy
Girls Soccer Alesia Hamm Mt. Mercy Academy
Girls Soccer Angelina Pacholczak Mt. Mercy Academy
Girls Soccer Mariah Rullan Mt. Mercy Academy
Girls Soccer Madeline Szwed Mt. Mercy Academy
Girls Cross Country Megan Frawley Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Cross Country Celia Rahill Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Golf Lindsey Beck Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Golf Abigail Bradley Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Golf Kaitlin Brill Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Golf Catherine Johnson Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Golf Emily Matthew Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Golf Grace Young Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Soccer Hannah Fischer Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Soccer Leah Giles Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Soccer Francesca Kobee Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Swimming Alexandra Dumais Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Swimming Clarice Scarpace Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Swimming Emma Telesco Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Volleyball Daniella Gugino Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Volleyball Grace O'Brien Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Girls Volleyball Sarah Vicari Mt. St. Mary's Academy
Field Hockey Emily Gates Nardin Academy
Girls Cross Country Abigail Graber Nardin Academy
Girls Cross Country Emma Lawley Nardin Academy
Girls Cross Country Grace Van Vessem Nardin Academy
Girls Golf Elizabeth Becker Nardin Academy
Girls Golf Emma Nicotra Nardin Academy
Girls Golf Melanie Sperrazza Nardin Academy
Girls Golf Caroline Wischerath Nardin Academy
Girls Soccer Emily Den Haese Nardin Academy
Girls Soccer Arielle Huber Nardin Academy
Girls Soccer Olivia Jerge Nardin Academy
Girls Soccer Lindsay Karas Nardin Academy
Girls Swimming Elena Braccio Nardin Academy
Girls Volleyball Amanda Chmiel Nardin Academy
Girls Volleyball Julia Scott Nardin Academy
Boys Golf Zack Summers Newfane
Girls Soccer Lila Maurer Newfane
Girls Soccer Sarah Milczarski Newfane
Girls Soccer Macy White Newfane
Girls Volleyball Megan Knoll Newfane
Girls Volleyball Ethelyn Lange Newfane
Girls Volleyball Faith Morgan Newfane
Girls Volleyball Mackenzie Perry Newfane
Boys Cross Country Joshua Bosi Niagara Falls
Boys Cross Country Deandre Prum Niagara Falls
Boys Cross Country Michael Snowden Niagara Falls
Boys Golf Arthur Jocoy Niagara Falls
Boys Soccer Zak Meranto Niagara Falls
Boys Soccer Jacob Mosholder Niagara Falls
Girls Soccer Samantha Campbell Niagara Falls
Girls Soccer Arianna Welch Niagara Falls
Girls Swimming Bennett Nigro Niagara Falls
Girls Volleyball Mackenzie Franks Niagara Falls
Girls Volleyball Kayleigh McCormick Niagara Falls
Boys Cross Country Joel Hocking Niagara Wheatfield
Boys Golf Christopher Cacciatore Niagara Wheatfield
Boys Golf Riley MacKenzie Niagara Wheatfield
Boys Golf Domenic Rotunno Niagara Wheatfield
Boys Soccer Ryan Mahoney Niagara Wheatfield
Boys Volleyball Cameron Miller Niagara Wheatfield
Football Jacob Gaydos Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Cross Country Mackenzie Grosskopf Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Swimming Sydney Dippold Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Swimming Emma Johnson Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Swimming Katherine Tompkins Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Tennis Key Budziszewski Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Tennis Sydney Crangle Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Tennis Ellise Ellis Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Tennis Nicole Guldin Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Tennis Anastasia Mohilewsky Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Tennis Katelyn Stojanovski Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Volleyball Tiara Borzillire Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Volleyball Danielle Brochey Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Volleyball Jordan Graber Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Volleyball Kierston Klidonas Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Volleyball Katelyn Kostiw Niagara Wheatfield
Girls Volleyball Jenna Sonnenberg Niagara Wheatfield
Boys Cross Country Jonathan Goodloe Nichols School
Boys Golf John Schlehr Nichols School
Boys Soccer Trevor Davis Nichols School
Boys Soccer Jack DiBenedetto Nichols School
Boys Soccer Lucas Goodin Nichols School
Girls Soccer Chandra Desai Nichols School
Girls Tennis Emma (Corrie) Foote Nichols School
Girls Tennis Jillian Niedzialowski Nichols School
Girls Tennis Rachel Urbank Nichols School
Girls Volleyball Emma Hawkes Nichols School
Girls Volleyball Juliana Mahn Nichols School
Girls Volleyball Olivia Whiteside Nichols School
Boys Cross Country Michael Finn North Tonawanda
Boys Soccer Casey Trombley North Tonawanda
Football Colin Beach North Tonawanda
Football Connor DeVantier North Tonawanda
Girls Soccer Samantha Dal Porto North Tonawanda
Girls Soccer Grace Vater North Tonawanda
Girls Soccer Bridget Wilson North Tonawanda
Girls Swimming Taylor Dietrich North Tonawanda
Girls Swimming Jenna Flach North Tonawanda
Girls Tennis Chelsea Cohn North Tonawanda
Girls Tennis Katherine Sieracki North Tonawanda
Girls Volleyball Chase Steingasser North Tonawanda
Boys Soccer Filip Morawski Olean
Boys Soccer Jarrett Prizel Olean
Football Deyseann Garey Olean
Girls Cross Country Mikailyn Gronemeier Olean
Girls Cross Country Emily Hamed Olean
Girls Cross Country Erin Martin Olean
Girls Soccer Justine Brooks Olean
Girls Soccer Sophia Melvin Olean
Girls Soccer Kayla O'Connor Olean
Girls Soccer Alivia Schoening Olean
Girls Soccer Reagan Stitt Olean
Girls Soccer Lauryn Washington Olean
Girls Swimming Christine Pagett Olean
Girls Swimming Mackenzie Sakala Olean
Girls Tennis Olivia Lang Olean
Girls Tennis Maggie Waugh Olean
Girls Volleyball Bailey Brushingham Olean
Boys Soccer Gabe Flewellen Olmsted
Boys Volleyball Noah Carpino Olmsted
Boys Volleyball Tawsif SIDDIQUI Olmsted
Boys Volleyball Trevor Young Olmsted
Girls Golf Lyla Giallombardo Olmsted
Girls Golf Hana Zulqarnain Olmsted
Girls Soccer Isabella Bogucki Olmsted
Girls Soccer Maddison Budniewski Olmsted
Girls Soccer Rebecca Leon Olmsted
Girls Volleyball Imani Burch Olmsted
Girls Volleyball Kyli Hilaire Olmsted
Girls Volleyball Bryanna Reuther Olmsted
Girls Volleyball Lauryn Whiteside Olmsted
Girls Volleyball Shian Wright Olmsted
Boys Cross Country Evan Kasper Orchard Park
Boys Golf Jack Keane Orchard Park
Boys Soccer Chase Eagan Orchard Park
Boys Soccer Mark Nemec Orchard Park
Boys Soccer Benjamin Stuhr Orchard Park
Boys Soccer Everett Ulsrud Orchard Park
Boys Volleyball Jason Hanania Orchard Park
Field Hockey Fabiola Adorno Orchard Park
Field Hockey Samantha Detwiler Orchard Park
Field Hockey Katherine Manley Orchard Park
Field Hockey Jessica Peters Orchard Park
Field Hockey Magdalene Spyche Orchard Park
Field Hockey Emily Zajdel Orchard Park
Football Ben Domagalski Orchard Park
Football Blake Harlock Orchard Park
Football Louis Irizarry Orchard Park
Football Brendan Kearns Orchard Park
Football Jordan Prince Orchard Park
Football Pierson Savarino Orchard Park
Football Kobe York Orchard Park
Girls Cross Country Caitlin O'Rourke Orchard Park
Girls Cross Country Taryn Smith Orchard Park
Girls Soccer Isabel Atwood Orchard Park
Girls Soccer Jenna Crean Orchard Park
Girls Soccer Faith Hanlon Orchard Park
Girls Soccer Kasey Hollins Orchard Park
Girls Soccer Ryan Iacono Orchard Park
Girls Soccer Abigail Lillis Orchard Park
Girls Soccer Celeste O'Connor Orchard Park
Girls Soccer Madison Perry Orchard Park
Girls Soccer Rebecca Roman Orchard Park
Girls Soccer Anna Sorrentino Orchard Park
Girls Soccer Hannah Woodrich Orchard Park
Girls Swimming Carissa Jantzi Orchard Park
Girls Swimming Rebecca Obrochta Orchard Park
Girls Swimming Isabel Sapio Orchard Park
Girls Tennis Emily Clough Orchard Park
Girls Tennis Jennifer Fertel Orchard Park
Girls Tennis Sarah Hanlon Orchard Park
Girls Tennis Madigan Humiston Orchard Park
Girls Tennis Hannah Iqbal Orchard Park
Girls Tennis Kathryn Visco Orchard Park
Girls Volleyball Katelynn Hessessy Orchard Park
Girls Volleyball Joli Messinger Orchard Park
Girls Volleyball Hannah Rauh Orchard Park
Girls Swimming Sarah Quadt Panama
Girls Volleyball Alexis Marsh Panama
Girls Volleyball Malori Waag Pine Valley
Boys Cross Country Justin Drennan Pioneer
Boys Golf Sam Hyman Pioneer
Field Hockey Julia Brzezicki Pioneer
Girls Soccer Madison Bainbridge Pioneer
Girls Soccer Kelsey Matuszak Pioneer
Girls Swimming Mikaela Snayczuk Pioneer
Girls Volleyball Samantha Kirsch Pioneer
Girls Volleyball Cassnadra Thompson Pioneer
Boys Soccer James Daley Portville
Boys Soccer Arik Kavanagh Portville
Boys Soccer Nathan Kloc Portville
Boys Soccer Anthony Smith Portville
Girls Soccer Bryn Milne Portville
Girls Soccer Carley Williams Portville
Girls Volleyball Ericka Carlson Portville
Girls Volleyball Sydney Colligan Portville
Girls Soccer Nikole Lockwood Randolph
Field Hockey Jamie Bower Royalton-Hartland
Field Hockey RayLynn Chraston Royalton-Hartland
Field Hockey Jenna Heiser Royalton-Hartland
Field Hockey Ashley Hill Royalton-Hartland
Field Hockey Mackenzie Rothwell Royalton-Hartland
Girls Soccer Madison Fry Royalton-Hartland
Girls Soccer Emily Metz Royalton-Hartland
Football Nyles Panus Salamanca
Boys Soccer Bryce Deering Southwestern
Football Faizan Munir Southwestern
Girls Cross Country Hannah Lillie Southwestern
Girls Cross Country Carissa Minarovich Southwestern
Girls Cross Country Hannah Sullivan Southwestern
Boys Cross Country Dustin Folts Springville-Griffith
Boys Cross Country Frank Uschold Springville-Griffith
Girls Cross Country Gwendolyn Fruehauf Springville-Griffith
Girls Swimming Elle Holland Springville-Griffith
Girls Tennis Shelby Buckley Springville-Griffith
Girls Tennis Anna Franklin Springville-Griffith
Girls Tennis Caleigh Trzcinski Springville-Griffith
Girls Volleyball Devyn Rowe Springville-Griffith
Girls Volleyball Abligail Stressinger Springville-Griffith
Girls Volleyball Meadow Wittman Springville-Griffith
Boys Cross Country Adam Colton St. Francis HS
Boys Cross Country Connor Fetzer St. Francis HS
Boys Cross Country Sean O'Meara St. Francis HS
Boys Golf Noah Unger St. Francis HS
Boys Soccer Slade Merk St. Francis HS
Boys Soccer Thomas Scully St. Francis HS
Boys Soccer Ryan Sutton St. Francis HS
Boys Volleyball Aidan Cirasunda St. Francis HS
Boys Volleyball Thomas Moore St. Francis HS
Football Jacob Reilly Miller St. Francis HS
Football Grayson Myers St. Francis HS
Football Dominik Thomas St. Francis HS
Boys Cross Country Riley Brotz St. Joseph's CI
Boys Cross Country Joseph Ferrantini St. Joseph's CI
Boys Cross Country John Fulco St. Joseph's CI
Boys Cross Country Patrick Murphy St. Joseph's CI
Boys Cross Country Joshua Schechter St. Joseph's CI
Boys Golf Paul DiNicolantonia St. Joseph's CI
Boys Golf Richard Perry St. Joseph's CI
Boys Soccer Sean Droman St. Joseph's CI
Boys Soccer Mason Graham St. Joseph's CI
Boys Soccer Alex Hartman St. Joseph's CI
Boys Soccer Matthaeus Hendricks St. Joseph's CI
Boys Volleyball Jacob Balcerzak St. Joseph's CI
Boys Volleyball Michael Mayer St. Joseph's CI
Football Ethan Brown St. Joseph's CI
Football Sean Murphy St. Joseph's CI
Boys Cross Country Dalton Matthews Starpoint
Boys Soccer Trevor MacPhee Starpoint
Boys Soccer Lucas Robertson Starpoint
Boys Soccer Bradley Shea Starpoint
Boys Soccer Shane Weber Starpoint
Boys Volleyball Adam Converse Starpoint
Boys Volleyball Nikolas Zhilevich Starpoint
Field Hockey Julia Buzzeo Starpoint
Field Hockey Hayley Held Starpoint
Field Hockey Emilee Larson Starpoint
Football Brendan Gawel Starpoint
Football Samuel Hallock Starpoint
Football Justin Mott Starpoint
Football Braeden Postula Starpoint
Football Matthew Spina Starpoint
Girls Cross Country Heather Bugenhagen Starpoint
Girls Cross Country Emilie Vieaux Starpoint
Girls Soccer Jessica Bender Starpoint
Girls Soccer Elizabeth Bradley Starpoint
Girls Soccer Alexis Briggs Starpoint
Girls Soccer Sara Heckman Starpoint
Girls Soccer Julia Mascaro Starpoint
Girls Soccer Shayla Tillman Starpoint
Girls Swimming Desiree Glynn Starpoint
Girls Swimming Margaret McIntosh Starpoint
Girls Swimming Sarah Mullane Starpoint
Girls Tennis Leah Blatner Starpoint
Girls Tennis Sara Close Starpoint
Girls Volleyball Hailey Lucas Starpoint
Boys Cross Country Bruce Dickinson Sweet Home
Boys Cross Country Dalton Januchowski Sweet Home
Boys Cross Country Zachary Poydock Sweet Home
Boys Cross Country Jacob Weissenburg Sweet Home
Boys Golf Alex Gauld Sweet Home
Boys Soccer John Gembala Sweet Home
Boys Soccer Michael Kelley Sweet Home
Boys Soccer Collin Polyachyk Sweet Home
Field Hockey Julia Galante Sweet Home
Field Hockey Willa Jacob Sweet Home
Football Michael Lisman Sweet Home
Girls Soccer Maria Castellana Sweet Home
Girls Soccer Elyse Crimi Sweet Home
Girls Swimming Lauren Spence Sweet Home
Girls Tennis Jadyn Wagner Sweet Home
Girls Volleyball Madison Gerber Sweet Home
Girls Volleyball Angela Gugliuzza Sweet Home
Girls Volleyball Anna Stang Sweet Home
Boys Soccer Thomas Leatherbarrow West Seneca East
Boys Soccer Alexander Sarick West Seneca East
Field Hockey Madeline McCartan West Seneca East
Field Hockey Samantha Rompala West Seneca East
Football Mark Amborski West Seneca East
Football Matthew Babel West Seneca East
Football Marcus Barney West Seneca East
Football Anthony Bullis West Seneca East
Football Jacob Lombardo West Seneca East
Football Alexander Sarick West Seneca East
Football Jack Turner West Seneca East
Football Adam Wojciechowski West Seneca East
Girls Cross Country Rachel Castello West Seneca East
Girls Cross Country Emma Fredenburg West Seneca East
Girls Cross Country Kaitlyn Lisiecki West Seneca East
Girls Cross Country Kaylee McNichol West Seneca East
Girls Soccer Lucrezia Fruci West Seneca East
Girls Swimming Jessica Olewine West Seneca East
Girls Tennis Linda Chen West Seneca East
Girls Volleyball Samantha Boyd West Seneca East
Boys Cross Country Cole Banks West Seneca West
Boys Cross Country Tyler Bishop West Seneca West
Boys Cross Country Andrew Pokriki West Seneca West
Boys Soccer Joshua Clifton West Seneca West
Boys Soccer Kyle Farr West Seneca West
Boys Soccer Alexander Gibson West Seneca West
Boys Soccer Maxwell Peck West Seneca West
Boys Soccer Samuel Vona West Seneca West
Boys Soccer Austin Wild West Seneca West
Boys Volleyball Jack Breen West Seneca West
Boys Volleyball Nicholas Pozzuto West Seneca West
Field Hockey Emma Przybysz West Seneca West
Football Joshua Clifton West Seneca West
Football Joshua Wilson West Seneca West
Girls Cross Country Allison Stainsby West Seneca West
Girls Cross Country Nina Vadala West Seneca West
Girls Cross Country Madison Vanderlip West Seneca West
Girls Soccer Hayley Hicks West Seneca West
Girls Soccer Emily Jaworski West Seneca West
Girls Soccer Kaitlyn Morris West Seneca West
Girls Soccer Chloe Solomon West Seneca West
Girls Soccer Madison Vanderlip West Seneca West
Girls Swimming Kristen Kibler West Seneca West
Girls Swimming Caitlyn Nowak West Seneca West
Girls Swimming Grace Quinlivan West Seneca West
Girls Swimming Rachel Storch West Seneca West
Girls Tennis Brooke Antilla West Seneca West
Girls Tennis Madison Ennis West Seneca West
Girls Tennis Natalie Maloy West Seneca West
Girls Volleyball Erin Blandin West Seneca West
Boys Cross Country Cedric Bone Williamsville East
Boys Cross Country Jack Stefanick Williamsville East
Boys Golf Robert Korman Williamsville East
Boys Golf Jacob Nostrant Williamsville East
Boys Golf Adam Rosenthal Williamsville East
Boys Soccer Liam Brophy Williamsville East
Boys Soccer Joseph Buscaglia Williamsville East
Boys Soccer Ishaan Gupta Williamsville East
Boys Soccer Adam Helfman Williamsville East
Boys Soccer Ishaan Kashyap Williamsville East
Boys Soccer Adam Pezzimenti Williamsville East
Boys Soccer Jameson Reid Williamsville East
Boys Soccer William Schnabel Williamsville East
Boys Volleyball Colin Irving Williamsville East
Field Hockey Sydney Millace Williamsville East
Field Hockey Grace Pogorzala Williamsville East
Football Andrew Orsini Williamsville East
Football Clayton Osborne Williamsville East
Football Colson Skorka Williamsville East
Girls Gymnastics Marissa Collura Williamsville East
Girls Soccer Alessandra Cirulli Williamsville East
Girls Swimming Sidney Bucko Williamsville East
Girls Swimming Lauren Clark Williamsville East
Girls Swimming Jessica Shine Williamsville East
Girls Swimming Grace Yao Williamsville East
Girls Tennis Caroline Geiger Williamsville East
Girls Volleyball Skyllar Cicero Williamsville East
Girls Volleyball Grace Degan Williamsville East
Girls Volleyball Nikki Polokoff Williamsville East
Boys Soccer Heesung Kim Williamsville North
Boys Soccer Matthew Kulikowski Williamsville North
Boys Soccer Matthew Lindaman Williamsville North
Boys Soccer Joseph Looney Williamsville North
Boys Soccer Jacob Mulka Williamsville North
Boys Soccer Joshua Ratner Williamsville North
Boys Soccer Raymond Walter Williamsville North
Boys Soccer Todd Witt Williamsville North
Boys Volleyball Eoin Burns Williamsville North
Boys Volleyball Adam Gulick Williamsville North
Boys Volleyball Mitchell Simon Williamsville North
Boys Volleyball Peter Stopinski Williamsville North
Boys Volleyball Matthew Wiepert Williamsville North
Field Hockey Danielle Batz Williamsville North
Field Hockey Ryleigh Bies Williamsville North
Field Hockey JOrdan Cooper Williamsville North
Field Hockey Kerry Gramlich Williamsville North
Field Hockey Gabriella Manzella Williamsville North
Field Hockey Sydney Moyer Williamsville North
Football Scott Becht Williamsville North
Football Michael Cabra Williamsville North
Football Joshua Dziama Williamsville North
Football Joseph Nusall Williamsville North
Girls Cross Country Carly Burgio Williamsville North
Girls Cross Country Leah Horton Williamsville North
Girls Cross Country Sameria Mbili Williamsville North
Girls Cross Country Olivia Moran Williamsville North
Girls Cross Country Ariya Roberts Williamsville North
Girls Gymnastics Nicole Bidlack Williamsville North
Girls Gymnastics Helen Harke Williamsville North
Girls Gymnastics Zoe Kyriakopoulos Williamsville North
Girls Soccer Kayla Bailey Williamsville North
Girls Soccer Candice Kasahara Williamsville North
Girls Soccer Melanie Krysiak Williamsville North
Girls Soccer Haley Sliwa Williamsville North
Girls Swimming Alison Chamberlin Williamsville North
Girls Swimming Katelyn Davis Williamsville North
Girls Swimming Madilyn Diodate Williamsville North
Girls Swimming Della Knapp Williamsville North
Girls Swimming Lauren Serafini Williamsville North
Girls Swimming Jenna Sniatecki Williamsville North
Girls Swimming Taylor Sniatecki Williamsville North
Girls Tennis Emily Segal Williamsville North
Boys Golf Kevin McGraw Williamsville South
Boys Soccer David Bubb Williamsville South
Boys Soccer Sean Manly Williamsville South
Boys Soccer Taylor Parson Williamsville South
Boys Soccer Julian Payne Williamsville South
Boys Soccer Benito Vilardo Williamsville South
Boys Volleyball Dominic Drexinger Williamsville South
Boys Volleyball Mateo Gonzalez Williamsville South
Boys Volleyball Jeffrey Randall Williamsville South
Field Hockey Abby Eising Williamsville South
Field Hockey Rachel Kowalski Williamsville South
Field Hockey Sarina Mansouri Williamsville South
Field Hockey Kyra Schmidt Williamsville South
Field Hockey Lauren Smithers Williamsville South
Field Hockey Nina Stephens Williamsville South
Girls Cross Country Haley Domin Williamsville South
Girls Gymnastics Gabrielle Gare Williamsville South
Girls Soccer Kaitlin Gruber Williamsville South
Girls Soccer Morgan Johnson Williamsville South
Girls Soccer Madelyn Lemay Williamsville South
Girls Soccer Maggie Sorci Williamsville South
Girls Swimming Zoe Lawler Williamsville South
Girls Tennis Zoe Blumenson Williamsville South
Girls Tennis Tara Jain Williamsville South
Girls Tennis Amanda Weinreber Williamsville South
Girls Volleyball Hannah Abramowitz Williamsville South
Girls Volleyball Gabrielle Presutti Williamsville South
Boys Cross Country Robert Montgomery II Wilson
Boys Cross Country William Schwarzmueller Wilson
Boys Cross Country Michael Seeley Wilson
Boys Soccer Jacob Miller Wilson
Football Steven Frerichs Wilson
Girls Cross Country Julie Reagan Wilson
Girls Soccer Hannah Darlak Wilson
Girls Soccer Sarah Lewis Wilson
Girls Soccer Isabella Schultz Wilson
Girls Volleyball Faith Herlan Wilson
Girls Volleyball Julia Johnston Wilson
Girls Volleyball Lindsey Parisse Wilson
Girls Volleyball Lyndsey Pawlak Wilson

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