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Letter: Why all the excitement over a Chick-fil-A opening?

Each morning during the week after Thanksgiving, listening to local radio as I commute to work, I was informed that Chick-fil-A would be opening in Cheektowaga. I have been hearing this apparently essential news for some time now.

Then the Nov. 28 front page of The Buffalo News, City and Region section, “Love it or hate it, Chick fil-A set to open.” Apparently, hundreds of people were expected to line up for the 6:30 a.m. opening. Seriously. Lining up for waffle fries and chicken in the morning. It is still dark out, folks. Only coffee consumption should be legal at this hour.

I don’t understand the hysteria in our area for the opening of a fast food restaurant. Years ago it was Krispy Kreme (are there any still open?) and more recently, a Popeye’s Chicken on Elmwood. Popeye’s is still there. No lines, though. No one gets too excited about Tim Horton’s anymore since one just opened in your neighbor’s driveway during the night.

I realize that in a smaller city like Buffalo, exciting business news may be inconsistent at best. Still, I can’t help but wonder if our region had landed the newest location of Amazon, the news might have been, “Amazon coming, but Wendy’s bringing back the Double Bacon Burger!”

By the way, the city recently filled in the crater-like potholes at the intersection of Forest and Richmond. Now that is big news.

Cynthia Hammond


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