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Letter: Editorial unfairly painted all civil servants as corrupt

I was a bit dismayed when I read the Nov. 27 News editorial, “Ethics tops Cuomo’s list.” The News stated that “state government is awash in corruption …” I would like to remind The News that such a general statement does a huge disservice to those men and women who work in the state bureaucracy as civil servants who are also part of state government.

The fact is that the majority, if not all, of the corruption in the state government is done by elected officials and their political appointees.

The civil servants make up the vast majority of state government and to paint them with the same brush as you would politicians and their appointees is discounting the hard-working civil servants who deliver necessary services to all the residents of the state. Something that cannot always be said about self-serving elected officials and their appointees.

The fact that so much of the state’s corruption is done by such a small percentage of state employees concentrated within the political system, does indicate as stated by The News, that ethics reformed should not only be at the top of Cuomo’s list but also on the list of every elected state official.

Gerald Scott


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