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Letter: Why not try caring for the elderly at home?

I’m not in a nursing home, I don’t know anybody in a nursing home, I have no knowledge about the nursing homes that have been forced to close because of numerous complaints and governmental “over watch.” I have, however, read many articles regarding the treatment, injuries and lack of care that residents of area nursing homes have endured.

Many of these criticisms may be valid and warranted. It goes without saying we want the best possible care for the residents.

I also believe there is a shared responsibility by the families of the residents of these homes.

Too many of us feel the elderly are too much trouble, need too much care, and we want to make it somebody else’s responsibility to care of them.

Then we criticize them for their shortcomings, again which may be justified. And while we criticize these extended care facilities, we spend a lot of time complaining about the expense.

A good solution to solve some of these problems may be to keep our elderly at home, take them in, care for them ourselves and then we can see how easy it is, not to mention the money we will save (note the sarcasm if you don’t see it.)

Or maybe we can pay more money to the homes to hire more staff to take care of our elderly.

Patrick Dailey


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