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Letter: End the celibacy rule and let priests marry

Whenever someone accuses a priest of sexual abuse they should call the police, because it is a police matter first, and then counsel the person making the accusation and also see if it verifiable.

Also, it’s time to end the celibacy rule now, because of the high percentage of abuse cases in the Catholic priesthood. I do blame the unnatural celibacy rule on much of the sex abuse that is going on in the Catholic Church.

It is the high percentage of sex abuse cases in the Catholic priesthood that is proof that it is a significant problem and that it must end now.

Although ending the celibacy rule does not end sex abuse entirely, it will have a dramatic effect and perhaps save many children from this sin and crime. It will also save many priests from committing a crime that they probably did not want to commit in the first place.

I believe that young men entered the priesthood to do good for themselves and their parishioners, never thinking they would become involved in such horrendous sins. Almost all human beings need love, marriage, home and children, because it is natural and it is what God has created us for.

“Go forth and multiply.” The popes have taken this God-given natural right from these young men and now look at the results.

The stalling, procrastinating and evasiveness by the bishops and cardinals only shows that they are more interested in protecting the church’s money and the institutionalized rule of celibacy than they are in helping the victim/survivors.

The bishops, cardinals and pope will not admit they are wrong. How sinful!

Carl Hoepfinger


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