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Letter: Small-donor match system would give public more say

Regarding The Buffalo News editorial board’s position against “a strict policy of public financing,” a small-donor match system for funding political campaigns would go a long way toward making Albany effective and responsive to the people of New York.

Since it would be an opt-in system it really would not be a strict system, leaving candidates who decline to participate free to raise money privately.

It would not restrict the ability of voters to donate as the editorial stated. Instead it would encourage more voters to give.

Matching small donations with public funds would ensure that the representatives we send to Albany listen to the people they represent, not their big-money donors that they become beholden to, which we know from the corruption that has taken place for years in Albany wastes more taxpayer dollars then public financing would ever cost.

New York State can lead the nation on creating fair elections opening the door for everyday citizens to run for office without the pressure to attract and become beholden to the wealthiest donors.

New York City’s system has been working for decades to reduce the influence of big money, and should answer all of the questions that the board said would arise. Please reconsider and support Fair Elections New York.

Thomas Roulley


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