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Letter: Bipartisan bill takes aim at slowing climate change

I find myself more and more alarmed watching the evening news these days. Each week brings another weather related disaster of catastrophic proportions. And there is little doubt that climate change is a major factor.

And yet, our federal government has been in denial or paralysis.

So it was a real cause for celebration when a bipartisan – yes, bipartisan – bill was introduced in the House recently that would protect us from the worst impacts of climate disruption, while increasing jobs and protecting middle–class and low–income households from taking a financial hit.

Climate scientists and respected economists say this bill can achieve those goals.

The plan involves creating a system that charges for producing greenhouse gas pollution, thereby encouraging clean energy alternatives; all of these charges are then distributed equally to households as monthly checks, no strings. In effect, the polluters are directly paying money to the non-polluters.

Being from farm country, I was also relieved to see that farm fossil fuel use was exempted. Our farmers need all the help they can get.

Many thanks to the sponsor of the bill – Rep. Theodore Deutch, D-Florida – and his five co-sponsors. We can show our appreciation by telling our own members of Congress to support this bill, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Let them know that climate change has your attention.

Evie Kleinberg

Wales Center

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