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Jeff Miers’ Gig of the Week: Psych-Americana by Black Canyon Lights, Buffalo style

Jeff Miers

Black Canyon Lights started out as a band covering country classics three years ago, but as is so often the case, the synergies between the band members – long-serving denizens of the Buffalo music scene, all – ended up dictating the course the music would take. “It’s evolution, baby,” as Eddie Vedder once famously screamed.

“I’d say it’s a band that is rooted in Americana, but it branches out sonically into something beyond that,” says drummer Brandon Delmont, who joins Bryce March (guitar/vocals), Jacob Brockway (pedal steel), Jonathan Bobowicz (guitar/vocals), Kent Weber (bass) and Lisa Bobowicz (keyboards/vocals) in filling the BCL ranks.

“We’re trying to play only original material at this point," Delmont continues. "Jacob’s pedal steel is a big part of our sound. But there are three main writers: Bryce, Jonathan and Lisa. It’s vocally a strong band and Kent Weber is on bass, and he still fits in his leather pants from way back in the day, so what more could you want? (laughs) Some of our material is quite moody - I would urge David Lynch to listen to it. (laughs) The band is really starting to find its sound, so it’s an exciting time in the life of this group of musicians.”

Delmont credits the diverse backgrounds of all involved – which run the gamut from punk to power-pop, alternative to stoner rock, and include such revered underground Buffalo music scene luminaries as Chylde, Girlpope, Odiorne, Son of the Sun, Dollywatchers, Nullstadt, and Kurt & the Loders, among others  – with providing the impetus for their exploratory tendencies, which take what Gram Parsons called “Cosmic American Music” out of the dim and dusty past and into the less dim but equally dusty present.

“When Bryce and Jacob started the band, I think they wanted to do a classic country thing,” Delmont adds. “So that’s in there, for sure. But myself and Kent come from somewhere else, musically speaking. And I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those silly hats!”

Black Canyon Lights will play an extended set featuring the debut of new material when they share the bill with Handsome Jack at the Sportsmen’s Tavern (326 Amherst St.) at 8:30 p.m. on Dec. 7. ($5, door).

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