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Letters: Watson’s column says society can do better

I’m expecting a lot of letters complaining about Rod Watson’s Nov. 22 column (“Today’s America leaves little to be thankful about”), so I’m writing one that praises it.

We have a long way to go to reach the ideals our country was founded on; we can’t say yet that we’ve reached them. So maybe Thanksgiving Day is a good time to be sanguine about what we are, what we do and what we could be.

There’s no need to repeat the details; Rod Watson covered a lot of ground in his column. But I will comment on what I thought was the strongest point he made: we teach our children ideals, but they soon see the realities of how we lead our personal and political lives. Bullying is wrong, telling the truth is right, sharing is the good thing to do, but all they have to do is read the paper or watch the news and they know it isn’t really that way at all.

We can do better.

David Irvin


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