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Letter: Throw out so-called leaders; put this writer into the fray

No matter what party, the corruption and behind the scenes shenanigans seem to increase in direct proportion to the length of time a politician holds office. The net bottom line would be a definite benefit to the taxpayers.

Balance the budget each year at all government levels.

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli recently announced that the New York State debt is the second highest in the nation. The federal government debt is $21 trillion excluding unfunded liabilities like Medicare and Social Security. I know, who cares? Most people don’t care. Just give me my tax cuts and ever-increasing spending programs.

The hundreds of billions spent at the federal level and billions at the state level servicing the debt would go a long way to ensure health care for everyone. Strengthen our border security and leverage our oil imports from our ally Mexico, forcing them to do their share to stop this process at the source on their side of the border. Once done I would pass legislation addressing a path to citizenship for those already living in our country due to our inept government officials and politicians.

Create a muscular immigration policy allowing the truly oppressed asylum seekers as well as immigrants with the skills needed to meet the demands of American industry into our country. Disband the useless New York State Legislature and apply the millions saved to debt service and mental health assistance.

The governor has pretty much done whatever he’s wanted to the past eight years including the dissolvement of his own Moreland Commission on corruption. Why spend millions on salaries, benefits, staff and per diems of a part-time non-existent checks and balances, missing-in-action Legislature?

If only I were king for a day.

Lou Speranza

Orchard Park

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