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Letter: Schumer should get drivers to obey the traffic laws

I’ve just finished reading the article in the Nov. 21 edition of The Buffalo News, concerning Sen. Chuck Schumer’s latest jaunt to Western New York.

Apparently, he showed up at the Williamsville Branch Post Office on Sheridan Drive just in time to assist local officials in solving a problem that could have dire consequences for the entire nation, which is what U.S. Senators are supposed to do.

This problem concerns postal customers, and others, making an illegal left turn onto Sheridan when exiting from the driveway. He actually stated, “you can only turn right, but no one’s doing it.” That sounds like a traffic law enforcement failure problem to me. Maybe he should have held his press briefing at the Amherst Police Department, or the local offices of the state police and Erie County Sheriff’s Office, because Sheridan Drive, Route 324, is a state highway with oversight by several policing agencies.

Because Schumer is so OK with drivers not having to obey posted traffic signs, I can show him many stop signs where drivers do not stop, and many red lights where vehicles hardly slow down before making right-on-red turns. We could just remove the stop signs, and turn off the traffic signals, and nobody would have to be bothered obeying those traffic laws either. Perhaps the senator’s generous friends at Facebook could create a special page for his constituents, explaining what traffic laws are, and why they should be obeyed.

The Lockport Post Office on East Avenue, which is state Route 31, has the same situation, with a sign showing no left turn. Often, you may see the Lockport Police Department pulling over a vehicle after a left turn and issuing a traffic ticket to the offender. I think a little enforcement goes a long way to help people heed the signs and obey the laws.

Ron Antholzner Sr.


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