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Letter: Right-wing writer’s defense of Trump is hard to swallow

I’m beginning to think a particular right-wing letter writer who is constantly printed in this paper is a plant by The News to represent an opposing view. An example and I quote, “He is the only one who showed concern for the blue collar worker.”

I guess he did that by acting to reduce the number of Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspectors, making the workplace, especially for the blue-collar employee, that much more hazardous. Maybe he showed concern by giving giant corporations a permanent 21 percent tax cut while giving his blue-collar supporters a few percentage points that slowly taper off before finally raising taxes. What a guy!

How about this doozy? “(Trump) does not bow to our enemies…” Clearly, he didn’t bow by stopping the sanctions against Russia for election meddling that all of Congress voted for. Or praising Kim Jong-un, one of the most vile and murderous humans on the planet, saying they’re in love.

In another letter, the writer tells us that through his religion he believes in forgiveness. Except in the usual conservative hypocritical manner, and even though his candidate won and it’s two years later, he can’t find any forgiveness for Hillary (Clinton).

But there’s plenty of forgiveness for a man who most likely rigged the election, and his philandering, his courting of despots and dictators, his tax dodging, making fun of the handicapped, making fun of prisoners of war, imprisoning kids, racism, misogyny and on and on. He can forgive all that because Trump gives him what he wants.

Kevin Smith


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