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Letter: Repeal the SAFE Act and focus on criminals

The so-called SAFE Act has done nothing to reduce acts of violence through the use of firearms. In fact, a recent research survey by a student in the criminal justice program at Hilbert College reflects just the opposite effect.

The SAFE Act was enacted improperly, literally in the middle of the night, by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his two henchmen without review by both houses of state government and absent input from the law-abiding gun owners of New York State, the only group adversely affected by this unconstitutional legislation.

In fairness to all, especially to law-abiding gun owners and to potential crime victims in particular, the SAFE Act should be repealed and efforts should be concentrated on swift and sure punishment to those who use firearms in a criminal manner.

Then, the citizens of New York State will have been properly served by our governor.

Bill Zenosky


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