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Letter: Our leader must tweet truth,not peddle alternative ‘facts’

Our president recently tweeted that because the east was hit with cold that more or less global warming was a joke. Not unlike him to grab one incident and generalize in spite of facts. Facts were getting in the way of his “thinking” so he invented “alternate facts” and now there’s “alternate science.”

He could possibly invent an “alternate economy” that he’ll need when the deficit crunches our wallets and global warming rears its ugly head.

We’ll need a real leader to make hard choices but the people won’t like it. They won’t like a leader who is doing the right thing and wanting sacrifice from us.

We the people don’t like our lives disturbed and we don’t like to give up our “way of life” unless that fire coming down the ravine makes us think again. We the people are too busy working, getting the kids to school, shopping, and making dinner, etc. Life is very distracting and although we pay lip service addressing problems and giving a few bucks to charity and maybe the poor, we wouldn’t want them in our houses, in our lives.

Life for many may not include a dinner and that’s just too disturbing for us to think and act against. We are spoiled like pampered kids. We like the parent who isn’t the rule enforcer, but the one who tells us what we want to hear. Our president wants to give us our pacifier, take us back to the good old days, just what we want to hear. He leads a choir but they’re not singing in heaven.

Ben Perrone


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