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Letter: Nursing homes need better regulation

After reading another disheartening article about a local nursing home, I find it very appalling that nursing homes are not better regulated.

There is always concern that aides and staff do not spend enough time with the resident when providing care, especially evenings, weekends and holidays.

Chances are the place is understaffed, the norm in the industry. Aides are expected to care for a large number of residents and within a specific time frame, regardless if they are doing the work of two people.

Young children are placed in licensed day care centers and homes every day that are visited by the Office of Children and Family Services at least three to four times a year if not more, unannounced.

As owner/operator of a day care home, I am regulated as to how many adults must be present per number of children. This ensures their safety, proper supervision and a quality day.

We have to do better, not only for our loved ones but the aides as well. There needs to be more accountability when it comes to nursing home care. Our paid politicians need to get on board and make this right.

Mary Orgek

West Seneca

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