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Letter: Malone should serve his flock by resigning

As a former Buffalonian and Catholic it has been very sad to read about the abuse mess in Buffalo. My husband and I personally know several of the accused priests so it makes it more personal.

Bishop Richard Malone will be moving to the East Side. What better place for this self-proclaimed shepherd to tend to a flock of many lost souls. He also has a chance to interact with the proud Polish heritage that remains. How happy they must feel to have him among them.

But, no. This shepherd wants privacy. No meetings at his residence except the elite he chooses to visit with. No mass in the Chapel Total selfishness comes to mind.

Our Lord preaches humility. Not in the bishop’s dictionary. He continues to show his blatant disregard for his flock and it starts with the abused. He just can’t see past his own ego and comfort.

I think $200,000 in renovations to make him comfortable is outrageous.

I hope the Catholics in Buffalo continue to put pressure on this “shepherd” to for once do the right thing and step down.

Hopefully the FBI and state investigations will force some change. God bless.

Linda Hahn

McKinney, Texas

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