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Letter: Congress must end Trump’s delusions

He wants to arm our military and shoot innocent civilians for throwing rocks.

He suggested sweeping the forest floor, hundreds of square miles of it, to prevent major forest fires.

He claims a deranged Korean dictator who kills his own citizens for no logical reason is his friend and that he loves him.

He gets solid information on various critical national and world issues from different federal agencies and never believes them.

He criticizes almost everyone from their appearance to their personal beliefs.

He has threatened to shut down the federal government next month unless Congress allocates the $20 billion to build a wall that no one wants except himself, like a spoiled brat that doesn’t get his way.

The latest two fantasies of his are not being able to believe that anyone other than himself could win the Time magazine Person of the Year award, and that he gets an A-plus or higher for what he has done so far.

During my career I was trained how to identify and deal with people suffering from delusions and mental illness. The man supposedly running this great country most certainly fits the mold.

Pray that the new Congress in January realizes that this insanity has got to stop and impeaches this dangerous and evil person.

William J. Belz Jr.


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