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Letter: ‘Catches and Hunts’ photos should not cause anxiety

To the Nov. 24 writer complaining about the Catches and Hunts weekly publication, would you rather see a picture of a deer on the side of the road or in the middle of the road covered in blood? No, of course not.

Hunting is necessary to thin the deer population for two reasons, One, to help prevent the spread of chronic wasting diseases, a slow, painful and suffering death to the deer. Two, to thin the herd to reduce the numbers to a sustainable level so that there is not over feeding causing starvation; also, by thinning the herd hunters can reduce car/deer accidents that cost the consumer and insurance company’s millions and millions of dollars each year.

I would rather see a picture of a deer harvested in a humane way by hunters, than see a picture of one killed on the side of the road. A deer hit by a car or truck is a waste, it cannot be processed for meat, it is disposed of. Deer harvested by hunters are processed and used by the hunter or given to the food bank.

Believe it or not, hunters are conservationist.

James Bible


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