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Editorial: It seems to us – Fan No. 1, beer at UB games, an unsafe exploration and Knickers the giant steer

Well, who else would it be? Pancho Billa, also known as Ezra Castro, has been named as the inaugural member of the Buffalo Fan Wall of Fame, part of the proposed BFLO Hall of Fame Experience.

“I almost feel like he’s the face of the Buffalo Bills fan,” said Therese Forton-Barnes, director of strategic planning for the nonprofit organization. The plan is to create a combined home for the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame, the Buffalo Broadcasters Association and the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame.

And Castro is the first fan to be included. It’s a well earned honor for the lifelong Bills fan who just began a new course of chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer. Here’s wishing him well.


Anybody else have apprehensions about beer sales at University at Buffalo basketball and football games? It’s only a trial and UB pledges it will continue to “tout the family experience,” so maybe, with care, it will work out well.

But the Bills are already renowned for having the NFL’s most intoxicated corps of fans attending games. If the same dizzy drinkers are drawn to UB games, the trial may end in conviction. Here’s hoping it doesn’t.


It’s amazing how many men survive their own adolescence. Consider the case of two boys in Hollywood, Fla., who went exploring in an abandoned bank. One of them, at the precarious age of 17, entered the vault and, somehow, became locked inside, according to the Associated Press.

Fortunately, his companion stayed outside and was able to call for help. Firefighters were unable to drill through a wall, but a bank employee from a new branch across the street learned of the boy’s predicament and, happily, remembered the code to open the vault. It worked. The boys left, no richer, but perhaps a little wiser.


Anybody remember the old Wendy’s commercial that aggressively wondered, “Where’s the beef?” Here’s the answer: It’s in Australia, where a 6-foot, 4-inch steer towers over his bovine friends. Knickers, a black-and-white Holstein Friesian, weighs about 2,800 pounds. He’s unmistakable, if not exactly cute.

The good news for the lad is that he is too big for the slaughterhouse and will be allowed to live out his days supervising events in the fields of Western Australia.

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