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Letter: Planned UB beer sales sound like a bad idea

The Nov. 24 issue of the Buffalo News states that the University at Buffalo will begin beer sales at basketball and football games to “enhance the fan experience.”

Is this really a good idea? Have fans asked for this, especially all the kids who attend? Who will determine if a fan walks in drunk, continues to drink and must be prevented from more beer purchases?

Is security prepared to stop fights which might occur or assaults on referees by disgruntled and inebriated fans? Are medical personnel prepared to tend to a fan who falls down the stairs? Are parents prepared to explain to their children that a fan acts in a certain way because of too much alcohol?

Are personnel prepared to clean up the obvious increase in discarded containers and spills? Of course, there is the danger of underage drinking and auto accidents on the drive home, made possible by beer sales at UB.

Football and especially basketball are now kid-friendly events. I hope that this decision will not decrease attendance instead of increasing it. We attend many games now and hope that the good atmosphere will continue.

Wayne Anderson


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