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Letter: Contrary to Watson’s piece, we can all give thanks

I was so disappointed in Rod Watson’s Nov. 22 “Today’s America leaves little to be thankful about.”

I have always found Watson’s columns to be negative and I normally do not read them but I had to respond to this column that appeared on Thanksgiving.

I know the politics are volatile but we still have many things to be thankful for in America.

I don’t have to watch my children starve as the families do in Yemen. I don’t have to fear for my daughter’s life when she goes to school to get an education.

Watson can say whatever negative things he wants in the paper without retribution. I still see goodness and kindness throughout the world. So much food has been collected to give families a dinner.

People donated enough money for a young woman to go to college because her family abandoned her when they found out she was a lesbian. A young student righted a wrong by leaving a note on a man’s car after her bus driver did a hit-and-run. Right above Watson’s article, there was a picture of Burma refugees eating a Thanksgiving dinner.

And these were just a few articles in two days. There is a lot wrong with our country, but there is a lot right too.

Politicians come and go, but America will be here. I chose to see the good and try to conquer the bad instead of grumbling about all the negatives.

Barbara Burgett


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