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Letter: Wind turbines destroy more than quality of life

The Sierra Club and Apex wind have combined to “support strong, local renewable power,” ignoring the abundant data proving wind projects cause significant risk to wildlife and humans.

Before siting an industrial wind turbine, the land must be cleared. Destroying e

, leaving only a swath where life once stood. Access roads of stone and gravel are created to accommodate the heavy equipment needed to make a turbine base. Cement trucks then heavy-duty trucks to carry the rebar for the cement base.Every component of the industrial turbine is trucked in with escort, and police cars for traffic management.

Individually these components weigh tons; once in place they are assembled and erected.

The “local” job created is undoubtedly a salaried employee who is responsible for checking oil, filters, gears, and parts that make an industrial wind turbine operate, thus ensuring the red lights blink to keep the Federal Aviation Administration happy.

Their constant noise, similar to jets or trains roaring, is audible in a house closed for the winter. When the sun is shining, residents are subjected to “flicker” when the blade crosses the path of the sun and causes a momentary “blackout” effect.

The landowners that live in the turbine area and signed a lease to host a wind turbine, are unable to speak out regarding any problems they encounter; non-resident landowners are in it for the money; the residents living within the industrial turbine area who do not support the project, is completely left out, their health concerns, declining property values, destroyed vista are all ignored.

Tourism soon declines after the novelty has worn off, noise and flicker will drive most away.

Apex Wind Energy and Sierra Club –

? .

Linda Makson


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