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Letter: Letters defending Collins miss the mark on standards

Two recent letters tried to justify voting for Chris Collins on the grounds that he is “innocent until proven guilty.”

Presumption of innocence is a vitally necessary standard in a criminal trial. After all, one charged with serious felonies may face heavy fines and lose his freedom for a long time. It is only fair that the state prove guilt before imposing such penalties. Chris Collins will be entitled to this at his trial.

A congressional election is far different. It is a high privilege to represent us in Congress, and an election has more in common with a job interview than a criminal trial.

Would you hire a job seeker for a high business position if you knew that the person was under indictment for serious felonies, with very strong evidence against him? Or would you hire him anyway because he hasn’t been found guilty yet?

As to the moral message Collins’ apparent victory sends to our youth, I’m reminded of the internet acronym IOKWRDI: It’s OK When Republicans Do It.

Kenneth R. Boudreau


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