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Letter: Women’s March sullied by anti-Semitic associations

The national Women’s March served a purpose but not one that the sponsors intended. The march showed how easy it is to normalize anti-Semitism.

Jewish groups like the National Council of Jewish Women rolled over, remained silent in the face of racist comments and even went one step further by signing a letter defending Linda Sarsour, an avid anti-Semite. The deafening silence showed how progressive the march’s sponsors were: being pro choice was the price they were willing to pay to throw Zionists and Jews under the bus. After all, defending Israel isn’t fashionable and apparently neither are Jewish women.

As a past Hannah G. Solomon Award recipient I wanted to return my award. My friends reminded me that NCJW wasn’t like that when I received what I considered a very great honor. Now when I look at the bust of Hannah G. Solomon I’m reminded how organizations can go astray, traveling from their roots, in order to fit in. The organization apparently had priorities much greater than defending Jewish people under attack.

Now Teresa Shook, a lawyer and educator who founded the Women’s March, has decided enough is enough and has asked the co-chairs to step down. Why so late? It should have been obvious from the start what the values were of the co-chairs. They weren’t shy about their hatred of Jews. They just didn’t want to be called out for it.

I understand how the Holocaust happened. People did what was expedient. And that’s what NCJW and all the other sponsors did as well.

Elinor Weiss

East Amherst

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