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Letter: Survivors demonstrate why we need gun bill

When the Huckster-in-Chief Donald Trump gave his horrific inaugural address, he referred to “This American Carnage.” I submit that unbeknownst to he who incites violence, those words could be applied to the mass murders occurring in our schools, churches, the Pittsburgh temple, concert venues and places where folks gather to play or pray.

We mourn those who were murdered, but we are spared the sight of their mangled bodies, and we don’t see the wounds of the afflicted survivors.

These are the bloodied, some paralyzed, victims, who medical personnel and trauma surgeons use their skills to patch together. These are our fellow travelers whose lives are unalterably diminished to a lifetime of pain, lost dreams and altered functioning. Where are they now?

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell recently showed a series of photos of the survivors of mass shootings as they are now. If we have any ambivalence about the banning of assault rifles, we should be forced to see what the human aftermath of gun violence looks like. And gun manufacturers and sellers should be required to post these living rebukes to those who support weapons designed to kill many in mass shootings.

The medical profession, led by trauma surgeons, is now advocating to fight the public health crisis caused by weapon availability. And it is a public health crisis. You need only to look at the survivors to be mobilized to support gun sense legislation. It’s time we stopped wringing our hands and acted.

Lucia Leone Sleight


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