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Letter: Left-wing liberals signal nation’s demise

I am truly amazed at what I am now seeing. I started to notice it a few years ago but now the progression is escalating. I am observing the demise of our great country.

Sounds pretty serious, right? But look around you, people are getting attacked at restaurants because of their beliefs. They are being attacked at their homes because their opinions are different. They try to steal elections because their candidate lost. They go on a witch hunt for two years because they don’t like our president (no respect).

I wish people would take their heads out of their Facebook and actually see what is happening.

Your liberties are being taken away slowly but it’s increasing. Your average person doesn’t see it. They listen to the news, left wing. They are on social media, left wing. They send their kids to college to be indoctrinated, I mean educated, again left wing.

I am not going to say what you should do, all I can ask from you is that you pull your head out of the sand and look around. I can’t do much because I am an old man. I am going to sit back on my rocking chair and watch what happens.

My only concern is that I hope that my grandson will get through this. Please, open your eyes, use common sense and pray.

Al Michalewicz


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