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Letter: Lancaster’s steady growth is bringing city problems

Recently in The News there was an article regarding the town going to “garbage totes.” It also mentioned a “tax increase.” Why?

There has been so much “new” home construction, which of course, means new revenue for the town. I am not talking one or two new homes, but entire blocks, which I assume means more tax income for the town. One home or 12, it only take

truck to plow, or

truck to pick up garbage, so I would think that means more coming in than going out in expenses and revenue.

One resident talked about rodents, if someone has them, a tote will not prevent that home or area be rodent free. It is up to the homeowner to take care of his property.

Lancaster is no longer a town or village with this growth, it is becoming a city which eventually will result in city problems.

Something needs to be done for the residents.

Patricia Skowron


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