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Letter: It will be difficult to serve constituents

Well, Mr. (Chris) Collins, you won the election. Congratulations. My question to you is what makes you think you can do the job effectively with the indictments hanging over you?

You claim all the charges are false and that you expect to be exonerated. If they were indeed false, then why would the FBI indict you?

You should have just dropped out of the race and let the GOP find a replacement for you. I’m sure they would have done a great job in doing so.

You cannot do the job with that dark cloud over you. Also, stop trying to be a Donald Trump mini-me with that phony smile, putting two thumbs up and calling everything “fake news.” We expect it from him because he had no idea what he is doing. Coming from you it just looks plain stupid. Be yourself. I wish you well.

Paul J. Murphy


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