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Letter: Christians do not like the president, either

The writer from Williamsville in his letter bemoans that another considers Donald Trump guilty until proven innocent and that he deserves forgiveness.

He suggests that Trump, like Paul, has changed since he was baptized by James Dobson. The writer lumps all those who don’t like Trump’s (and Dobson’s) Christianity as “the anti-Christ crowd.”

He should open his eyes and realize that Christians don’t like Trump and are just good American citizens; and that American citizens who are Christians have religious freedom under the Constitution.

What he should question is the kind of Christianity that Dobson (and Trump?) and some fundamentalist preachers believe. Dobson and these preachers are probably members of the Council for National Policy, who meet with business people and politicians in secret.

Their goal seems to be to make this a Christian nation according to Dominionist theology (Christian Reconstructionism). They would restrict our liberties, which means having Supreme Court justices re-interpret the word according to their religious beliefs.

That is why they are so determined to have their own people on the Supreme Court.

Americans should study the beliefs of these people – our lives depend on it.

Edward Weber

Niagara Falls

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