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Letter: Do you hear what I hear? Loving our Christmas songs

For many people, the sound of jingle bells before December is enough to sour them into the Grinch. For those like myself, once the Halloween decorations go away, it’s Christmas time. More specifically, it’s Christmas music time!

When should we start playing Christmas music? Growing up, it was always on while we prepared Thanksgiving dinner, although it somehow began playing earlier each year. Listening to Christmas music year-round is frowned upon for some reason, so it seems the “agreed” date is after Thanksgiving.

What’s wrong with listening before we stuff ourselves with turkey and mashed potatoes?

Stockings, trees, wreaths, lights, gingerbread houses, movies: all of it is fantastic. But the music, glorious and tremendous holiday music.

The social folkway of playing the holiday hits is generally avoided most of the year due to judgment and shame from my friends, but why must I wait? Just the thought of singing along with Mariah Carey to “All I Want for Christmas is You” makes my heart beat faster.

Very few days of the year compare to the day Star 102.5 ceases to air the hits of today to focus primarily on holiday theme songs. That day can’t come soon enough. Don’t melt my snowman. It’s never too early for Christmas music.

Nicholas Arndt

East Aurora

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